Camera Support

Camera SupportBrandModelTypeIncludedDay Rate
O'Connor2575MitchellHead Only$110
O'Connor2065MitchellHead Only$110
Sachtler7+7150mm or MitchellHead Only$75
O'Connor1040 w/Flowtech Sticks100mmHead & CF Sticks$125
MillerArrowHD100mmHead & CF Sticks$100
MillerDS25100mmHead & CF Sticks or Alum. Sticks$75
SachtlerACE M75mmHead & CF Sticks$50
CF Sticks Only
CF Sticks Only
O'ConnorCine HD
Alum Sticks Only
Floor Spreader
O'ConnorCine HD
MitchellAlum Sticks Only$75
RonfordTall150mmAlum Sticks Only$50
RonfordBaby150mmAlum Sticks Only$50
DJIRonin 23 Axis Gimbal 35 lb. CapacityFull Kit, all accessories$250
DJIForce Pro ControllerWirelessFor Ronin2$75
MYT Works4' Heavy Duty Slider150 lb. CapacityMitchell Mount$150
MYT WorksRover DollyTable or FloorMitchell Mount$75
EasyRigVario511-35 lbs.Flowcine Serene$200
ReadyRigVegaProArms GSCinemilled Spindles$125
ETMantisARRI DovetailDovetail Plate$75
CASSpider Grips15mm or 19mm15mm LW$45
InovativScout 37Camera CartAll Accessories$125
BackstageMagliner SeniorCamera CartAluminum - 3 Shelf$150
BackstageMagliner SeniorCamera CartAluminum - 2 Shelf$125
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