Cinema Cameras

Make/ModelSensor SizeMax Resolution
FormatsMediaDay Rate
ARRI Alexa 35S354.6K, 75fpsARRIRAW, ProResCodex Drive$1750
ARRI Alexa MiniLFLF & S354.5K, 40fpsARRIRAW, ProResCodex Drive$1750
ARRI Alexa MiniS353.2K, 60fpsARRIRAW, ProResCFast2.0$1250
ARRI Alexa StudioS352K Internal, 120fpsARRIRAW, ProResSony SxS$500
Sony BuranoFF8K, 30fps
4K, 120fps
CF Express B$750
Sony FX6FF4K, 120fpsXAVCCF Express A$450
Sony FS7S354K, 60fpsXAVCSony XQD$250
RED GeminiS35+5K, 60fpsR3D RAW, ProResRED MiniMag$400
RED HeliumS35+8K, 30fpsR3D RAW, ProResRED MiniMag$400
RED KomodoS35+6K, 40fpsR3D RAW, ProResCFast2.0$350
Canon C300m3S354K, 60fpsCineRAW,XF-AVCCFExpress$400
Canon R5CFF8K, 60fpsCineRAW, XF-AVC, MP4CFExpress$150
Blackmagic Ursa Mini ProS354.6K, 60fpsCineDNG RAW,ProResCFast2.0$250
Blackmagic Pocket 6KS356K, 50 fpsProRes, RAWCFast 2.0$150
Phantom VEO4KS354K, 1000fpsCineRAW, ProResCFast2.0$1750

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